Janet Neilson

Hand printed works on paper, including limited edition prints, artist books, notebooks and cards.

I am inspired by the natural world; birds, trees and plant life regularly inhabit my prints. My interest in botanical imagery has grown alongside my immersion in backyard gardening. A meandering path is being worn from garden to studio as the two spaces nourish and inspire each other.

Happy wanderer cuttings are taken inside, inked up and printed, sap is spilled onto the paper as an image is squeezed from the freshly pruned plant.

During the last year of lockdowns I ventured into repeat patterns using hand carved stamps. Starting with a whimsical potato cut, I am enjoying a new and playful area of printmaking.

Studio Name : Ramshackle Print Studio
41 William Street, CASTLEMAINE, AU
t: 0498987576
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