Bridget Farmer

I am a printmaker with a passion for our native birdlife. When I first arrived in Australia, from Ireland, in 2005 I was amazed by the birds here. So plentiful, bold, brazen, exotic and just so different from what I’d grown up with. I have always loved drawing birds so it was with pencil and sketchbook in hand that I set about my Australian avian education.

It was also about this time that I discovered printmaking for the first time, so it became natural to me that birds and printmaking went hand in hand.

16 years on I am still exploring the birds around me through the medium of dry point etching. In a way they have also come to symbolise a sense of place for me. Wherever I go I notice the birds and how they change from location to location.

In recent years, during which I’ve had children, I have utilised my etchings to create illustrations for bird themed children’s books, the second of which I have self published and released a few months ago. I want to pass on what I’ve learnt to the next generation.

19 Fryers Street (enter via Ballarat Street, turn right at the big tree), GUILDFORD, AU
t: 0452339323
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