Brian V Nunan

Painter in oils. Born Essendon Victoria 1932
Began painting at age 15 and is self taught.
Exhibitions: since 1971 AMP Building, Emerald Gallery, Young Originals, Olinda Gallery, N.T Museum of Art & Science, Kibabe Gallery, King George Sound Derby , Hamilton Regional Gallery, Katherine, Kununurra, Own Studio to name a few.
Commissions: Portraiture: Bishop of Sandhurst, Chairman German Club, Chairman B.O.M of the William Angliss Hospital, Ex mayors of the City of Knox, Chairman of Morwell Water Trust 1965 & 1980 General W. Watson R.A.A.M.C, Sculptor Hans Knorr plus many private portraits.
Further commissions have been for Boardrooms, Hotels and other public and private places.
Brian’s work features in private and public collections both here and overseas.
Brian is a story teller – The subjects for his paintings have been from his extensive travels throughout Australia, his interest and love for the “red areas” is evident and his use of the desert and its people in his paintings record the humour and the pathos, the excitement and the ordinary working day of the outback, he derives and imparts a sense of purpose and significance.
Based in a beautiful 19th century building sitting harmoniously alongside the former St Gabriels convent building, ( which now serves as home for Brian and wife Pat) and comprising of 5 areas devoted entirely to the display of work, Brian works from a large studio at the rear of the building. This area also is open to the public – a place where people can share & discuss latest works, preferably over a ‘cuppa’.
Throughout the gallery spaces a great diversity of subject and mood abound. Large depictions of the outback, including dramatic desert landscapes, cattle mustering with stockmen working with horses, and individual portraits of lone outback characters abound.
One room- The Purple Room- is devoted entirely to reminisces from the past. Much of Brian’s work – particularly that of recent years depict deep feelings and thoughts encompassing the Northern landscape, particularly the baoab country of the Kimberley area.
From this point Brian’s work depicts statements, often provocative & disturbing, concerning issues particularly those referring to the ongoing plight of the indigenous people of the outback and environmental discrepancies. In this area alone Brian has devoted a great deal of time researching the plight of the Darling River in central NSW with his granddaughter Verity, an artist based and working from an old warehouse studio in Broken Hill. This has resulted in a large 8ft x 6ft painting demonstrating his own personal feelings and effect of the draining of the Darling on local people.
He intends this painting to be part of a combined exhibition with Verity at a later date. The majority of works displayed are approx. 6” x 4”, however a large body of smaller works abounds depicting river and outback landscapes .

Studio Name : Brian V Nunan Studio
40 Campbell St, Castlemaine, Vic
t: 0418534490
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