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Melinda Rodnight

Melinda Rodnight is a visual artist, teacher, and creative arts therapist living and working on Dja Dja Wurrung country. Her work explores the intersubjective space between the felt sense of the body, time, place, and the experiences of memory and dreams, and the inextricable links between these elements. Using organic shapes, imbued with light and shadow, as both visual motifs and as expressions of human experience, her artworks explore the physical experience of being within nature that can provoke memory and the stillness of inner reflection. Not seeking to document but rather to connect with a phenomenological sense of being in the world, she employs familiar aspects of landscapes that suggest and resonate. Informed by shapes and motifs of the natural environment and shadows of experience, as well as patterns and cycles of decay and regrowth, Melinda’s intimate works draw the viewer into quiet contemplation and an unspoken dialogue with the details of the natural world as well as our own inward geography.

“My artworks are an improvisation of myself and the world; an interpretation of beauty, presence, and stillness, transmitted to the viewer as a visual poetic


Studio Name : Redgate Artspace
Rear of 60 Berkeley Street, Castlemaine Vic
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