fluxed earth

Fluxed earth is the collaboration of Rye Senjen and Kirstie Murdoch: ceramicists based in Castlemaine, Victoria.

We work together to produce hand built and wheel thrown vessels and objects from mixes of Australian stoneware and terracotta clays. Our glazes are made from scratch using simple raw materials, including eucalyptus wood ash, feldspar, dolomite, iron oxides and clay.

Our current work focuses on vases and zoomorphic objects for domestic spaces.

Fluxed earth was how British ceramicist Ewen Henderson described clay. We think this term beautifully captures this complex material. Clay bodies and glazes contain fluxes, which allow melting and fusing of components of these materials at kiln temperatures. The term flux also refers to change and flow and reflects the transformation of clay body and glaze through firing and the movement that is then captured in the final work. Our works are marked with Fe, both the abbreviation of fluxed earth and the chemical symbol for iron, which creates much of the colour and texture in our ceramics.

Studio Name : Fluxed Earth
7 Matheson Road, Castlemaine, Vic
t: 0432901349
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