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Granite Girls

Whilst being restricted from meeting indoors, a group of artists gathered amongst the granite boulders to talk art, creativity, and inspiration; and now invite you to view their creative process across the mediums of photography, painting, and drawing in the studio interior. 

Here are the names and web/Instagram details of the 5 artists who affectionately refer to ourselves as the Granite Girls: 

Zoe Amor: www.zoeamor.com, @zoe.r.amor 
Hilary Finch: www.hilaryfinch.com, @finch.hilary 
Sue McLeod: www.suemcleod.weebly.com, @sue_mcleod_painter
Denise Martin: www.denisejmartin.net, @denisejmartin 
Catherine Pilgrim: www.catherinepilgrim.com, @catherinepilgrim 


Studio Name : Studio 52
The Mill, 9 Walker St Castlemaine Vic
t: 0488 789 852
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