Heavenly – Bridal Exhibition

‘Heavenly’ celebrates fashion and ephemera from life’s great occasions from around the Globe.

From the high Victorian era through to the 1970s, this exhibition traces the history of special occasion fashion from the strapped up Edwardians, the simplicity of the roaring ’20s, the sleek lines of the 1930s, the austerity of the war years and beyond into the reemergence of luxury through the ’60s and ’70s. With full provenance documented for many of the items in this exhibition, it is as much about social history as it is about fashion.

Open 7 days a week 8.30am – 3.30pm 

Studio Name : Upstairs Gallery
Run Rabbit Run Cafe 24 Hargraves St, Castlemaine Vic
t: 03 5470 5712
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