Andy Indrans

I have been taking photos for over 40 years mostly of events, travels, and basically a diary of my life. It’s only when I moved to Taradale, about 5 years ago that  I discovered photography as an art form.  I was inspired by the landscape and the historical artifacts within it. I also discovered the rich and diverse art community within the Castlemaine region which gave me the courage to express myself with my photography and to share it with anyone interested in my work.

​Black and white photography has eluded me, but the advent of digital dark rooms with the likes of Adobe Photoshop has made me convert to black and white processing. A black and white image is a pure expression of a subject or scene just based on its luminosity and contrast i.e. light and dark tones.

​The American landscape photographer Ansell Adams has also been an inspiration even before I started to take photography seriously. His dictum that “you do not take a photograph you make it” resounds with me. I spend time crafting an image that captures my thoughts and emotions as to why the subject “talked to me”.

Open: 10am – 5pm

Studio Name : Grain Shed Gallery
Station St, Taradale, Vic
t: 0400136779
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